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Nowaar Studios

Nowaar Studios is a dynamic and versatile corporation that offers various services, including film and television production, marketing and distribution for local and international IPs. With more than 40 years of collective experiences in the world of IP development/distribution across the globe, Nowaar studios are constantly developing and acquiring contents to be screened across multiple platforms in MENA region.

Nowaar Studios In Numbers


Embarking on an extraordinary adventure through the labyrinth of the unconventional, we introduce you to the world of outcasts on a singular quest - safeguarding our realm from the spectral beings and malevolence dwelling in the subterranean universe. Sahara Comics, a creative powerhouse dedicated to crafting and transforming vibrant characters from the rich tapestry of the Arabic region into internationally consumed IPs.


An award-winning film studio.  We create  culturally related Arabic content for MENA and International audiences. Our IP studio selectively develops films and series to entertain, inspire and spread the unique culture throughout different global platforms. 

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