Museum of Digital Art (MODA)

Digital Art and Immersive Art Museums and Spaces are getting more and more popular across the world. These eye-catching exhibitions have drawn huge crowds across the world, showing the growing global appetite for this kind of participatory and photogenic art. 

MODA has several sections;


presenting internationally acknowledged multimedia exhibitions of Vision Multimedia Projects:

From Monet to Kandinsky
Great Modernists displayed in HD multimedia show with surround Sound and floor projection.

Italian Renaissance

The multimedia exhibition «Italian Renaissance» presents works of four extraordinary artists, Titans of Renaissance – Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.

Van Gogh - Life in Art

This exhibition allow visitors to wander through van Gogh’s life, imagining themselves in the spaces he inhabited.


Presenting exhibitions/ installations of modern digital artists from all over the world: In the second and following years after opening, MoDA will create and show multimedia exhibitions based on artworks of modern German and European artists.


A new piece created specifically for Le Studio in the Atelier des Lumières, Verse is a hypnotic and metaphysical journey.


with interactive exhibits for children of all ages: «Space Secrets», «Secrets of Pharaons» etc. Children will discover multidimensional spaces with secret passages, portals to magical worlds and interact with installations in playful way.

Space Secrets

Incredible cosmic attractions, spectacular interactive show, exciting games and an unforgettable virtual reality journey to Mars.

Children's learning Center

MoDA will teach children interact with art through various games and activities, such as an aquarium teeming with digital fish designed by the kids themselves and a musical wall that plays sounds upon touch. The activities are designed to help expand the imagination and teach scientific concepts.



«FLIGHT OVER DUBAI» - a thrilling VR/ projection attraction with a virtual flight over country's most beautiful spots, 

using VR/AR and other immersive technologies.

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