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Magitopia is an immersive and live entertainment center for the whole family...

It takes the visitors on a journey of discovery through the world of magic and illusion in a variety of ways, allowing each visitor to experience close-up and at first hand a variety of magic from all branches of the art, and from different cultures. From the moment the visitors arrive at the center the magic begins.

With 9 versatile zones and Abracaville in the middle, the center itself is completely magic themed down to every detail. 


 is unique and one-of-a kind concept
 has multiple revenue streams
 is timeless- never out of fashion
 is ageless- suitable for all 
 is both immersive and interactive
 is a universal concept, no language barrier
 has o direct competition
 is renewable and transformational

 Zone 1 The Classics of Magic: Welcome to the timeless art of magic!
 Zone 2 Houdini Experience: Meet the world’s famous magician!
 Zone 3 Sawing Workshop: Now’s your chance to be sawn in half!
 Zone 4 Sideshow Wonders: Witness the unbelievable human wonders of the world!
 Zone 5 Universal Magic: Magic is a language that has no tongue!
 Zone 6A Optical Illusions: Is it your eyes that trick us or our brains?
 Zone 6B House of Reflections: See the world from a different angle!
 Zone 7 Flying: Have you ever dreamt of flying?
 Zone 8 Las Vegas Showroom: No object is too large or too small for the stages of Las Vegas!
Central Zone Abracaville: Where the fun and fellowship of magic! Sim Sala Bim Magic Shop, Magicians’ Academy, Hocus Pocus Cafe and Abracaville Theatre

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